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GSM-R based Mobile Train Radio Communication (MTRC) over Metro Railway; Kolkata is designed to provide a highly reliable shadow free radio network. GSM-R system is similar to the GSM communication available for the public mobile networks but on a earmarked frequency for the Railways with some special features like group calling, SOS etc. The total section is approximately 27 Km and runs through the heart of Kolkata covering dense part of Kolkata. Coverage plan is in line with the EIRENE Specification as provided. The coverage plan is based on a radio propagation model appropriately tuned to be used for railways. Site configuration is 2 Transmitter/Receiver (TRx) per site for most of the stations except for Metro Bhawan where it has been taken as 3 TRx per site. GSM-R system covered all the 15 tunnel stations& 9 via duct/surface stations and Metro Bhawan.

Almost all equipments have been installed and are working.GSM-R Construction work started in February 2013 and the last phase is completed in August 2014.

The GSM-R system has been provided to replace the existing unreliable VHF based train radio communication which had become outdated.

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Source : Metro Railway Kolkata / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-05-2015